Carrier-grade software

Pentennea provides consulting for firms that need to deliver carrier-grade

Carrier-grade software is found in products that implement communications
networks, such as routers, switches, servers, gateways, and mobile handsets.
Firms that operate these types of networks are known as
carriers, and so
the term
carrier-grade describes products that meet their stringent quality
standards.  The need for carrier-grade software is now emerging in other
mission critical applications, such as high-end web servers, storage area
network equipment, and video-on-demand servers.

Carrier-grade software faces extreme availability, reliability, and scalability
requirements. These typically include
Availability: <5 minutes downtime per year (five nines, or 99.999%)
Reliability: <1 failure per 10,000 sessions (four nines, or 99.99%)
Scalability: >100,000 users per system (site), and millions of users
per network
To meet these requirements, carrier-grade software uses many techniques
that are not common practice in the computing industry. Until recently, these
techniques had never been documented in a comprehensive manner. Now,
however, there is a
book that describes the programming techniques and
patterns that are central to the construction of carrier-grade software. And if
that's not enough, you can also obtain
consulting on carrier-grade software.