Assistance with carrier-grade software

Pentennea provides the following consulting services for carrier-grade software:
Training consists of tutorials that familiarize software engineers with the
design patterns and techniques used in carrier-grade systems. A typical
course outline is available

A course on session processing is now also available. An outline is
Analysis evaluates software on its current level of carrier-grade maturity
and its prospects for evolving to satisfy additional carrier-grade
requirements. This type of analysis is useful either internally, for
self-assessment purposes, or externally, as part of the due diligence
process when acquiring third-party software or an existing product.
Design involves producing a detailed roadmap for constructing
carrier-grade software. This roadmap can be one for a new system or
one for a system that needs to evolve to satisfy additional carrier-grade
If you are interested in any of these services, please contact Pentennea.