Book on constructing carrier-grade software

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Reliability and Scalability for Carrier-Grade Systems
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Contents and Preface
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 1 references the following paper, which appears as
a chapter in
Design Patterns in Communications Software:
A Pattern Language of Call Processing
Reviewers' comments

You cannot add robustness by adding if statements. It must be designed in from the
beginning. This book is an important contribution to the design of robust software.
--Dennis DeBruler, Lucent Technologies

In this book, Greg really cuts to the core of those elements of software architecture
that I've found to be necessary to build a highly available, highly scalable system.
--Bob Hanmer, Lucent Technologies

Because of the recent debacle in the telecom sector, an entire domain of expertise
is disappearing. Designers who knew about the topics in this book--availability,
reliability, and scalability--have moved on to other things. The void that patterns fill has
never been wider and deeper. I am so thankful that Greg has documented these vital
techniques. The need for them will always be with us, and this book provides us with
a solid reference.
--Linda Rising, author of The Patterns Handbook, The Pattern Almanac, Design
Patterns in Communications Software
, and Introducing Patterns into Organizations