About Pentennea

Pentennea is operated by Greg Utas.

Greg received an Honours BSc in Computer Science from the University of
Western Ontario (Canada). In 1981 he joined
Nortel, where he served as the
principal software architect for various switching products. As Chief Software
Architect of GSM Core Networks, he led a team of 50 designers who redesigned
the product's call handling software using object-oriented techniques. For this
work, he received the Nortel Technology Award for Innovation and became the
first software architect at Nortel's Director level. In March 2002, Greg joined
Sonim as Chief Software Architect, responsible for the design of push-to-talk
services for wireless networks. In May 2004 he left Sonim to become a
consultant specializing in carrier-grade software. He founded Pentennea in
February 2005.

Greg has presented papers at the International Switching Symposium, the
International Workshop on Feature Interactions in Telecommunications and
Software Systems, and ChiliPLoP, a patterns conference. He also authored a
patterns paper in
IEEE Communications and contributed a chapter to the book
Design Patterns in Communication Systems. His book Robust Communications
was published by Wiley in January 2005.